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Oh dear. EA con PS Vita owners. It didn’t stop with Blizzard.

Friday, October 5th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Judging from the reviewers that actually go to lengths to review the PS Vita version of FIFA 2013, it is the same game released in 2011, called FIFA Football. At metacritic users slam EA for this blatant theft of their money. We all have seen how Blizzard turned into thiefs with WoW and Diablo 3, and we knew EA were the last producers on Earth to be innovative in any area (FIFA 1990-2013, oh come on). But this time they released a game on other platforms introducing more hick-ups and bad ball control from players, calling it innovative (while actually going back to their own poor controls from the ’90′s!), and as for the Vita or Wii version, they opted to steal money from the owners of that platform: they re-released FIFA Football. EA have nothing to do with quality. Avoid all of their trash at all costs. Do not let them trick you. They are criminals.

RAGE was a mediocre game, no matter what the “critics” said.

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Remember what I said about RAGE? Overhyped piece of tech demo. The discrepancy between the “critics” and the “gamers” at Metacritic is stunning. 79/100 say the “critics”. Gamers say 44/100. Now, there will be a lot of down-voting there as well because of the rediculous amount of bugs upon launch, but overall the trend is that gamers really don’t like the game apparently. Looking at Gamespot, users give it 70/100. I think it is safe to say that the game is mediocre at best, and that id Software have failed at delivering a high quality game, again. Their days have long gone. We will remember them for the early days of first-person shooters. But that was more than 10 years ago, and they don’t seem to have been able to keep up with current events.

Skyrim – First impressions – Ugly ported interface

Sunday, November 13th, 2011 by Mr.Mouse

After I had to go through 8 mandatory steps before I could start the game on my PC, I finally was allowed to play my purchase. Indeed, I had to do or sit through the following. 1. Wait for 11/11/11, 2. Install from DVD, 3. Download additional content from Steam, 4. Have Steam decrypt all those files, 5. Mandatory install of Visual C binaries, 6. Mandatory install of Direct X, 7. Mandatory install of .NET environment, 8. Mandatory Hardware Check.

Alright, so Bethesda don’t give a shit about PC owners, they force them to wait until 11/11 while console owners already can play, they force them to go through a ridiculous amount of steps to discourage them from ever buying a Bethesda product again. Fine, so much is clear. Do they add to the misery with the game, or is it worth it?

First impressions. Damn ugly, minimalistic, un-inspired console interface. Seriously, when I got into the game, I was stunned by the blantness, by the immediate console feel. It was off-putting. During the game I struggled to get to grips with the UI, as there is no intuitive keyboard selection. Usually, people are used to using TAB to get to a menu from where you can do stuf like inventory etc. Not so in Skyrim. Press ESC. Force the user to use J, I and M to get to inventory, Journal and map. Granted the map looks nice, but again, the controls in the map window are counter-intuitive, clearly designed for console controllers. As is everything in the whole UI. What about trading with merchants? That must be the most boring interface every to have surfaced this planet to carry out that function. Absolutely minimalistic to please the PS3/XBOX360 owner that is not used to interfaces that need more than one click of a button. But PC owners are used to have everything under their control, like cancelling a purchase, or selecting first a lot of items, before commiting to the transaction, carefully weighing the pros and cons against gold available. Nothing like that in Skyrim. Bethesda have done nothing to make this business pleasing to the eye, so while this type of thing is mandatory to progress in most RPGs, the interface seems to stop you from doing any of that. I can’t even see my character in the inventory dialog. And the Skills  interface? What is THAT?

Okay, so I’ve established the game interface is a crude port of the console interface, again with no respect to the PC owner, a boring tool you will have to use to do the things that need to be done. But wait? Is that really true? During the first half hour I encountered no resistance whatsoever from enemies, and could pick up all kinds of handy weapons. It felt like a hack-n-slash experience not unlike Diablo, and Dungeon Siege. I truly hope the game will get better as I go, and there is some challenge to be had. I understand that console owners have to have it easy, as the controllers are not really a match to the PC gamer’s keyboard+mouse agility, but if that means the PC gamer can race through the game, I quit.

What about the game itself? Well, it looks like a medieval Fallout: New Vegas. Up to the slow-motion when you hit an enemy with the final fatal strike. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using a succesful game engine again, so I will not talk about that too much. It’s just that, having played Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Fall Out 3, Fall Out: New Vegas, the similarities to the last two in the list show. With Oblivion Bethesda moved to please everyone, especially the console owner. And from the looks of it, Skyrim doubles that effort. Not sufficiently yet to have me uninstall the game, I’ll give it more than an hour, as the story seems strong enough, but already now I long for the days of Morrowind.

RAGE: Overhyped piece of tech-demo

Sunday, October 9th, 2011 by Mr.Mouse

While one side of the world was blinded by either money or saw Carmack as the second coming, in reality RAGE sucks. A simplistic show-case of Id’s new engine which bores the hell out of everyone and can in no way match any decent shooter to date. I would have expected much more from Bethesda who in their own right actually dominate the story-telling craft, with bloody awesome titles such as Morrowind,  Fallout, Oblivion and quite possibly the upcoming Skyrim. Whatever Bethesda did with Id Software, it wasn’t teach them how to create a convincing story, nor how to immerse the player in a game, and make the player feel it can relate to the character it plays. Of course, if you look back on Carmack’s history, he is a game engine nerd, with no affinity to gameplay, and although some have called for the return of Romero, I do not think the latter has kept up with the teachings of Gameplay University. And on top of that, Romero has shown he was overrated at the time as well. I wonder if console owners have ever played a really good, deep interactive shooter with an excellent story that PC owners have come to be used to.  Playing through a couple of impossibly texture-bugged levels on the PC, it was clear that the game has the depth of a brick. Talking about bricks, it seems to crash a lot too. “Update your drivers! Create a rageconfig.cfg and place all of these tweaks in! Wait for the patch! ” is what we are told, and even those options won’t help all bugs to go away (and even make some worse!). Look, the average player does not know how to do all this, nor should ever have to do that. Install and play. That is what should happen. Anything else is just crap. At the very least the game needs to check if all requirements are there, and if not, tell the user to go buy this or that and shut down. But if you look at the GFX tuning options in the game, there isn’t much you can do. That makes RAGE a definite corrupted port of a below-average console game. Avoid at all costs.

Duke Nukem Forever exposes crap reviewers – 100 reviews compared

Saturday, June 18th, 2011 by Mr.Mouse

duke-nukem-trailer-coming.jpgLet’s be completely honest here; Duke Nukem Forever is not what we waited for back in 1996. In fact, it is not great at all. Having said that, it is also definitely not crap as well. In this post I compare final scores from 100 reviews that we can find online. Not that feable metacritic or shallow worldscore bias like we see so often eh? Setting aside nostalgia and looking at the game objectively, it’s a fair game. There’s enough fun to be had, giggles here and there, and some good shooting scenes. Overall we would agree that the game deserves somewhere between 65% and 70% as a score, as it matches up with that range of other fair shooters of late. Some reviewers do not appear to know what objectiveness is though. No, they take this opportunity to attract hits on their petty sites. Having first over-hyped the game, now they have the chance to play the “cool reviewer” that slates it. (more…)

Fallout 3: The Rivet City Market Tragedy

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 by Mr.Mouse

FawkesA few nights ago something terrible happened while I was visiting Rivet City’s Marketplace during my game of Fallout 3. My loyal companion Fawkes (a near-immortal supermutant wielding a gatling laser weapon) unfortunately caused a massacre there. Read the whole, illustrated story right here: