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MobyGames: Quantify Me

Friday, December 28th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Taking data from MobyGames I have analyzed their information on games released since 1977 on many platforms in an attempt to make some historical sense of it all in a descriptive way. It is entitled MobyGames: Quantify Me. A brief quantitative analysis of the gaming era according to MobyGames. Below is the Abstract plus some key figures, but you are encouraged to read the full article here: MobyGames: Quantify Me 2012. Enjoy the read!


Dutch Elections: Mr. Wilders mod for Grand Theft Auto IV

Sunday, September 9th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Over at our forum, huckleberrypie took up the challenge to make a mod for GTAIV based on the current theme. The great result speaks for itself. The mod introduces Mr. Wilders to the game, and if you follow the instructions you’ll be able to spawn the model anywhere to your liking, or even have Mr. Wilders as your bodyguard. If you feel like, you can also change your players model to his and play as him through the Liberty City underworld. See a YouTube example here. Or here. And here! To download it, and read the instructions, go here. Some more screenshots:


Dutch Elections: Mod for Counterstrike: Source

Sunday, September 9th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

Indeed! Next up is the introduction of lookalikes in Counterstrike: Source. 6 models are changed. On the terrorist side you can now choose from Mr. Rutte, Mr. Wilders and Mr. Buma lookalikes. On the Counter-terrorist side you have lookalikes for Mr. Samsom, Mr. Roemer and Mr. Pechtold.  Trishty did an excellent job! Installation: Simply unpack the contents of the cstrike folder in the archive to the cstrike folder on your hard drive, replacing the existing models as you go. Models changed! To view a YouTube example, check here. To download the models, go here. Some screenshots:


Dutch Elections: Mod for Counterstrike 1.6

Sunday, September 9th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

The second mod in our theme was released. Now you will find the six politician game figures in Counterstrike 1.6. Simply use the new models in the package to pose as lookalikes of the Dutch party leaders, or fight them in endless rounds of the game. Created by onelove1210 from the Game Research Forum.
Go here to download the models. Click here to see a short example video. And then some more screenshots:


Dutch Elections: Mod for Fallout: New Vegas

Friday, September 7th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

As those of you following the Game Research Forum closely will have seen, some of us were (and are) working on mods for games, getting those 6 political party leaders into games. Well, the first one was released, with great work of dragbody and a bit from yours truly. We placed Mr. Sammos, Mr. Nilders, Mr. Rumor, Mr. Mech-Told, Mr. Bamu and Mr. Rotten in the game of Fall Out: New Vegas. Go to The Strip in the game after installing the mod and you will notice a group of men, with Mr. Nilders not really participating in any discussion. That’s them right there. Also, go to Goodsprings and in front of the General store there will be a footlocker with masks to put on, turning you into them! ;-)   Download the mod here. View a YouTube example, and then some further screenshots:

XeNTaX accepting donations to keep up the forum

Saturday, September 1st, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

As of a week ago, we are accepting donations through PayPal from beneficiaries that offer kind help to support our Game Discussion Forum that aims to discuss games and mods that maximize the playability and longetivity of gamer’s favourite pass-times. Those that are already registered at the Game Discussion Forum are not required to donate, it’s their own choice. However, to be offered an active account as a new user, we would humbly ask to donate a small sum. As a return favour we will grant you the possibility to register and post. To do so, go to First complete the donation, then click on return to go on with the forum registration.

How to run Fifth Element in Windows 7

Monday, August 13th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

If you ever wanted to install and run The Fifth Element (1998) on Windows 7, then do the following.
Option 1. Copy the content of E082-008soda to the installation folder of T5E.
Option 2. Add the parameter -D3D to the start-up of the game (using a new short-cut).
Then change the name of dbghelp.dll in C:\WINDOWS \system32, AND in C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64 (if you have x64). You can change it to anything other, just make sure the game can’t find it. Thanks to RUTracker.

Ridge Racer Unbounded added to Unpakke project

Sunday, April 8th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

XpoZed added extraction support to Rige Racer unbounded for his Unpakke project. About the game itself: The RIDGE RACER® series takes off in a new direction with RIDGE RACER® Unbounded. Join the Unbounded team, a group of lawless badass racers, terrorizing the streets of Shatter Bay and expand your ever growing territory. Drive & Destroy everything in your path to create new areas that were once off limits. Go online to Dominate and race an unlimited supply of user created maps.

Star Wars – The Old Republic

Saturday, April 7th, 2012 by Mr.Mouse

At the forum you can find a big discussion on the file types of Star Wars – The Old Republic. Archives can be opened by QuickBMS scripts, EasyMP and Hero.dll. Also, a nice list of all file types by SWTOR FAN:


brienj’s Xbox Hacking Portal is up!

Friday, June 11th, 2010 by Mr.Mouse

SvRLogo.jpgWe offered brienj a place of his own for his XBox Hacking portal! There you will find many tools to mod your favourite games, such as SvR2010 v2.0 for Smackdown vs Raw 2010. Move over there now and keep checking for updates!